Albie turns one!

How is Albie already ONE?! This year has flown by!

In just under a year ago we went to see him when he was only 2-3 weeks old and saw these two tiny little wriggly white puppies in a pen. As soon as I saw him, I was in love. He was the bigger, chunky one who was already being so vocal. I held him and he cried out for food so we gave him back to his pug mummy Minnie and he hasn’t stopped eating since! haha!

So if you don’t already know the story of how we got Albie, I’ll tell you now. A few years back, as a student I signed up to Borrowmydoggy as I wanted to walk and look after dogs. We came across a young westie pup called Teemo, and when Teemo was approaching his second birthday- he was a VERY NAUGHTY BOY (Please get the Monty Python reference). He went to doggy daycare where a female black pug was staying whilst her owner was on holiday. Little did they know she was on silent heat!! Imagine coming back from holiday to find your dog pregnant!! As soon as we got the text telling us puppies were on the way- we said yes! Teemo has the loveliest temperament and is just such a perfect westie, we had to have one of his puppies. We then went and saw Albie and and the rest is almost history!

As you may know, I suffered a miscarriage last year. Only a few weeks into owning Albie. Honestly, I don’t think i’d be here without him. He needed me to look after him, as we took him at 8 weeks old. He needed training, cuddles and love and i’m so grateful to have him!

He makes me laugh daily with his ‘arooo’ howling, his cheeky talking back, his digging up the garden and his army crawl around the living room in circles! He’s so clever, we’re teaching him his toys by name, some of which he already knows.

Owning a puppy at first was hard! The first 8 weeks were tough going. With getting up in the night multiple times to cleaning up messes on the floor and the crying if he was left. But overtime we have built his confidence and as Albie is slowly growing out of his puppy hood, I think he’s overall a confident dog.

I am so excited to see him grow more over the next year with his training and fun. He’s the best little home office dog, I can only hope to one day get him a doggy friend so the can play together in the garden.

Happy first birthday Albie!