Opening my Etsy Shop | Shay Kennedy Designs

Opening my Etsy Shop | Shay Kennedy Designs

Oh this is an exciting post to write! The kind where your fingers just fly at the keyboard and you’ve got to remember to refer to notes so you don’t miss anything or think too quickly and forget something!


I’ve always loved Etsy! For years i’ve bought bullet journal stickers from there, cards and gifts for friends and family and even blog themes long ago. It’s a place online where you can find anything for anyone or any occasion. I always feel so inspired when I go on Etsy!

My art journey so far

A piece from my GCSE/A-levels ( I can’t remember which!) where we had to study the styles of famous painters

I am one of those people that has always had a crisis of confidence with pretty much everything I do. I never think I’m good enough. And over the years I’ve had a few people say similar, so it’s put me off doing many things. During lockdown, I realised I really needed to look after myself and my interests. Ever since I was little, I loved drawing and painting. I was always told how good I was but I didn’t get a great mark at A-level art or get the chance to go for an art scholarship when I joined my secondary school (even though I got one of the highest marks in the end of year assignment a year later :/). During GCSE and A-levels, I think this was when I was at my most creative. I really enjoyed studying art and learning about art movements throughout history and different art styles. But my priorities changed when I started preparing for university. So I left art to the side. I spent more time on photography, but rarely picked up a pencil or paint brush.

Lockdown has been hard emotionally, and I’m already a person who feels my emotions strongly. So I started drawing more on Procreate on the ipad and even got out my canvases and paints. ( Poor Rob has been the subject for most of my photos and life drawing sketches). It has been so much fun reconnecting with art again and exploring different styles again!

TikTok is a place I never thought I would find artistic and Etsy inspiration! But there are lots of people on there sharing their art, how they make it, how they started their Etsy business and their art journeys.

My vision for my Etsy Shop

For now, I am launching digital only products but I am looking into expanding into physical prints and products soon!

This is a massive leap of faith and will hopefully be confidence building for me, I just really hope there are people out there that like what I make! And that’s another reason why I love art communities like those on Etsy or Instagram- so many inspiring people with so many different types of art, there’s a space for everyone.

If you’d like to follow my art journey, you can follow my art instagram here.