Say Hello to Teemo!

borrow my doggy westie

Hey there!

Welcome to this very cute and fluffy post. If you follow me on any of my social medias you might notice I’m slightly dog obsessed. I’m forever retweeting and sharing some sort of cute animal video but dogs especially get me. 

My personal facebook is the worst for it, most of the things on my timeline is me sharing videos of cute puppies or animal rescue videos. 

I’ve always been an animal person, and dogs are definitely up there in my top 3. I just love the bond you can have with them and the sense of freedom and new perspective on life you get when you start exploring with them. I also enjoy having something to care for and look after! 

Even though I’m a student, I still love spending as much time with animals as I can and if you’ve been here before you’ll know I’m a Borrowmydoggy advocate.

Rob and I talk a lot about having our own dog and when we’d like to get one, what breed etc etc. But it is at least a good year away if not much longer whilst I finish my masters and until we end up living together. This doesn’t really stop us talking about dogs pretty much everyday! 

One of our favourite breeds are westies (west highland terriers). We’re both suckers for the Caesar advert and they are just so cute. I’d always liked the look of them but had never really had any experience with one.

Through BorrowMyDoggy I met Teemo! His owner and I agreed to meet for our initial walk down on the Quayside. I told Rob I had organised a surprise for him, which he really didn’t like. (He really doesn’t like surprises) but I assured him he’d love it and we headed to the Baltic Art Gallery to wait for them. 

I turned round and saw them heading across the bridge and Teemo was right out in front leading the way. He ran right up to Rob and it was so clear that he was excited to meet us (Rob in particular). 

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Ever since I’ve borrowed him a few times a month and he has grown so much and what a little personality! I never thought westies could howl, I was so wrong! It’s so so cute when he does. He doesn’t like being left alone and will sleep on my lap whilst i’m working.

Spending time with Teemo has just confirmed to me that a westie is the perfect little dog for me. 

He has so much energy and is always raring to go! But he’s also slowly becoming a pub dog thanks to us. However, we’re still not brave enough to let him off the lead on walks as he’s got so much energy and curiosity, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t get him back for ages! 

He’s also a big fan of taxi’s. He hangs his head out the window and is forever clambering over me to look out of the window and goes crackers when we get to the park. 

When we get home, he just wants to cuddle and is soon off to sleep, snoring away!

If you want to see Teemo in action check out my vlog when he got his christmas presents:

Keep your eyes open for more Teemo appearances on my instagram and Youtube!

What’s your favourite breed of dog?

Thanks for Reading! 

Shay x