My autumn wardrobe picks!

Hey there!

As you may know from my previous post, I am an autumn baby. It’s one of those little things in life I had no control over but I really love that’s part of my life. Yes it’s always freezing when it comes to my birthday night out but the colour palette at this time of year is so worth it.

This is the time of year that I can’t wait to have a car for. Going out on long drives to forests, national parks and taking the dogs out for a play in the leaves. Oh, and a drone, I would love to get a shot over a forest with one!


Cosy autumn fashion is probably my favourite part of this time of year. Fluffiness, cosiness, tartan and anything fleecey! I love it. Living up in Newcastle, we spend most of the year wrapped up fairly warm (unless you’re from the area, seriously… these people don’t wear jackets on a night out, it’s incredible!) and so I like to put a bit of thought into buying my A/W clothing as I wear it a fair bit throughout the year. It also helps the student budget stretch that bit further.

So I thought i’d share with you some of my purchases for this A/W and a few of my favourites from the internet:

I LOVE this jacket from George. A faux fur trimmed hood and puffy enough to keep the wind out. I got this as I was getting tired of wearing my long furry Primark parka and wanted something easier to wear. I got my wish. It’s got ribbed edges which pull it in at your waist, making it feel far more flattering! 

I used to hate bobble hats. I always thought they looked weird, but a good 7/8 years later, I’ve dug this Accessorize one out of wardrobe and never really taken it off this month. It’s super cosy!

I LOVE this little bag! Primark have really upped their game with bags, and the quality does seem to be getting a lot better than my previous purchases. I got this as a little bag for nights out and day trips where I’m not taking my camera and lots of other unnecessaries! I really love the fact that three months on it’s still maintained its’ structure. Primark have now launched it in a burgundy colour and I kind of want it too…

I also have my fingers crossed for a pair of Uggs this Christmas as my old pair are pretty destroyed from years of trudging through mud and snow and I know for a fact I’ll be getting plenty of cosy knits from my family!

Let me know what your favourite picks are below! 

Thanks for reading!

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