Valentines Part 2: Mog on the Tyne

After a lovely walk around the Laing, a quick stop in at a pub due to the hail we finally made it to Mog on the Tyne. 

Inside the cafe is decorated with awesome cat wallpaper and graffiti art, plenty of comfy sofas and places to sit and eat. 

Tucked away down from the bigg market in the centre of town, we arrived just after the kitties afternoon nap. 

Altogether there are 10 cats living in the cafe!

At first we couldn’t find all the cats but then we found this one tucked away at the back in the comfy shark bed!

We went in, took off our shoes and sat down at the table. The cats have the run of all three floors and live in the cafe permanently. 

Inside, they have cat towers, shelves, a rope bridge on the ceiling and even a treadmill! 

 Most of the cats were still asleep so we ordered some food immediately.  I opted for a diet coke and a delicious ham and cheese ‘pawnini’ whilst Andrew had the soup of the day and the Valentines hot chocolate!

We sat at the table right in the window, a perfect place for the cats who wanted to keep a nosey look out at the street outside. Or have a nap! 

 Andrew took a real liking to ‘Stan the Man’. He was asleep throughout most of our visit but still enjoyed a nice little headscratch and stroke whilst he was asleep.

Every little nook and cranny is filled with toys, cat decor and the cats have the full run of the place. Whilst we ate they came up to us and around us.

After eating, we walked around giving them strokes, taking photos and playing with them. There’s even an electronic cheese toy that when you press the button little mice pop out! 

We were given some treats to feed them and continued taking photos and playing with them until our hour was up. 

These cats have a truly pampered life- something that is really wonderful considering they’re all rescues!

It’s only £5 per person plus food or drink which is also very cheap and it is a really relaxing, cute fun hour! But you will probably have to book online! I will definitely be visiting again!

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S x