I came to Newcastle in 2012 to start university. A city much bigger than York, famed for being a place to go for stag do’s and parties. I have to admit I was nervous to move here back then but 3 years later, it is home. I don’t want to leave. I highly doubt I will either, especially with such amazing views. 

We used to come up and visit family here in Newcastle, so the place isn’t completely unfamiliar to me. In college we came up to visit the art galleries and out to the beach. We sat on the metro and practiced drawing people and went shopping in the centre of town. But one of my favourite views is the Quayside.

I love that on one side are brilliant restaurants, there’s art galleries, wonderful architecture. It really is a brilliant place for photography. 

Despite living here for 3 years now, I have rarely been exploring. I’ve been down to the Quayside less than a handful of times and on Monday we decided to start making the most of the summer holidays and go exploring.

The wonderful part about living so far north during the summer is it never really gets dark. These photographs were taken about 10 o’clock at night.

On Monday evening we decided to head out for a few drinks and enjoy the evening, by heading to The Free Trade Inn, situated atop a hill along the Quayside. The walk along the Quayside was so relaxing and is actually one of the more romantic things to do up here in Newcastle. It’s so peaceful too.

Until you get to the sand. In the summer, there’s a small sand play area put next to the paths so kids can play (or adults) which was great fun. 

Once up at the Free Trade Inn, you have a pretty glorious view of the whole of the Quayside. A perfect place to sit in a beer garden, have a drink and a good chat. 

 Oh and of course snapchat the view! 

I remember sitting up there thinking that I was really glad I moved away from home to Newcastle for university. I never was a person who’d go to a pub, nor really a person who took leisurely strolls or stayed out late when I was at home. But up here there’s so much to see and do all the time, there’s a lot of freedom. It’s given me a lust for photography again, even if it is just being snap happy with my phone. 

S x