New Year, New Blog Goals!

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Happy New Year everyone! Oh I am so glad it’s finally 2017- I love fresh starts! With the first falling on a sunday, it just seemed like fate that this year is off to a good and organised start! 

I am feeling SO motivated and excited for what 2017 has in store. Fingers crossed it goes well! 

But in order for it to go well, I have to get the wheels in motion. 

So what do I want to achieve for my little blog in 2017?

More Readers.

I would love to reach the milestone of 300 total blog readers, which I know is quite a small goal compared to many bloggers! But in this age of bloggers needing numbers rather than engagement, it does make me still want to have a ‘number’ to reach! Although more engagement is really what I am after. I am hoping to write and include more varied content this year, in the hope that more people find my little spot on the internet of interest!

More Photos.

I really want to branch out the photography I include on my blog. I’m talking including links to my favourite photographers, getting other photographers featured in my blog posts and expanding on my own knowledge!

As part of this I want to include more photos of me on the blog. I’m going through this weightloss transformation *currently hanging around 216, thanks for those extra couple pounds gained back Christmas!!). I really want to document it properly and to have plenty of photos to look back on, so I can show myself what I have achieved.  Another reason for wanting more photos of myself, is I don’t really have any! I also want to document my changing style- I’m always in a hoodie, jeans and trainers and I’m hoping as I slim down and become more confident this year, that my style will evolve!

I’m beginning a scrapbook this year, and I’m going to be taking far more photos for it!

Less Disorganisation.

My new bullet journal has given me a new lease of life. I have been so organised the past month as I’ve been finishing the old one and starting the new one. I really want to work on my punctuality and scheduling this year. I want to create a blog schedule that I stick to!

As part of this, I also want to start blogging about bullet journaling and how it helps me as a student.

More Health and Fitness Posts ( and travel too!)

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Back to that more varied content thing! I am so into this weightloss journey right now and can’t wait to write more blog posts about it. I kind of fell away in December which thoroughly annoyed me, I let other things take priority! But a new year means I can sort that out. I’m hoping to do some cycling posts, health and fitness updates as well as doing more travel posts. I’m so excited for Edinburgh and all the ideas that I’m hoping to capture from there!

That’s all I can think of for now as I don’t want to get bogged down in too many goals for this year and just see what happens!

I hope you all have had a really positive start to the New Year!

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