My Favourite Red Lip

I RARELY wear makeup. At best, it’s always been foundation/concealer and mascara and a bit of blusher so I don’t look completely dead.

But this year, something changed in me- I’ve become more accepting of make-up and being a little bit braver about wearing it. I know a lot of people use it to hide imperfections, make themselves feel better but I oddly enough feel more self-conscious wearing it >< ( am I daft? Or does anyone else feel like that?)

I decided to properly step out of my comfort zone and purchase lots of new makeup. A LOT. From a lot of different brands. I can’t wait to start sharing all of this new knowledge with you!

I got my hair fixed this week back to my natural brown- although the red couldn’t be entirely removed so it’s a chestnut brown- which I like. So here it is, me trying to be daring and try red lips. It’s a very bold look for me- but I kinda like it! 🙂 Something for going out to town maybe?

The colour is ‘Pleasure Me Red’ Number 547, by Maybelline. I got both the lipstick and the lip liner- I quite like it!