The last day of 2015, we made it, eh?

So naturally I had a little look through my instagram for my favourite photos from the past year!

2015 has been an absolutely mental year for me. SO many ups and downs. Just like every year, I hope that the coming year is better and that so much happens that didn’t happen this year!

Ahhh lovely, lovely Ares! Such a lovely dog and I was seriously proud of this picture! He had such a lovely nature and really inspired me to try and get an Akita or a Shiba Inu someday!

I took a photo of this little monkey at Edinburgh Zoo back in February! That seems like years ago now! I love the video on my insta too of him eating some cucumber.

A journalism post! I put this on here because I was really proud of all the editing programmes I had used and it was my first ever group video project!

My first camera photo of my lovely little lady Pamela! Oh I miss her so much but I did love waking up to her little face everyday!

My first ever Anastasia Beverly Hills purchase- all the way from America. I squealed with delight when I opened the package! 

A favourite from a romantic walk down the Quayside during the summer. I can’t wait to do it again.

A wonderful day at the beach. Oh I do miss summer.

I loved these flowers so much. A rare occurence for me, but I do love getting them.

Another wonderful shot of the Tyne and Quayside from the summer. An evening of sitting outside the pub, chatting all evening and just enjoying the summer weather. Can’t wait for more!

Yet again, another summer photo! From our walk in Jesmond Dene. I love that place so much!

I adored the Newcastle Car Show! This beautiful BMW I8 was my absolute favourite from the show and my dream car.

Back in October, I saw Fall Out Boy live in Leeds! It was unbelievably brilliant. One of my favourite nights of my life so far- I’ve been wanting to see them for so long! 

In September I went to my first ever bloggers event. I was so nervous about going but I went and had an amazing time. Plus I got so many new books which is always a brilliant thing. 

Late night after disasters getting home? Taxi lost and taking ages to get to you? Take a selfie. Always going to be one of my favourite pictures.

This is one of my favourite photos that I’ve ever taken. I took it on my phone but it is one of my favourites. This is a little cat who lives near me who I always see in the Morrisons car park just pootering about. 

I waited years to finally see an illustrated copy of any of the Harry Potter books and for my 22nd birthday I got my wish! It really is a beautiful book, one I will keep for as long as possible. 

S x