My One Year Weightloss Plan!

Losing weight is such a personal journey. I’ve decided I really want to change how I’m living my life over the next year, just in time for graduation…

Last month I worked at the university for the company taking the graduation photos. It was such a lovely experience to see everyone dressed so nicely, bringing all their family together for such a great occasion. It got me thinking to my graduation. The fact that it’s only next year. 12 months really isn’t a long time to fix some of my personal issues that I want fairly dealt with by the time I graduate.

Especially my weight.

My graduation photo will be proof I’ve worked hard and that I’ve completed this stage of life. A photo that I want to look back on with fond memories and place proudly in my home. Not one that I’ll hide in an attic for years because I hate how I look in it.

So I decided I need to make a change. I need to lose weight by graduation.

So where am I right now?

weight loss scales 227.2lbs

size 18 cycling jersey

At present I am a size 18 on top and bottom. This cycling jersey for example is a size 18 but because it is so tight compared to other clothing- I like it as a guide for my weightloss as it will be easier to tell the difference between photos through my progress.

How much do I need to lose?

A recent photo. At present I’m between 227 and 231lbs when I fluctuate.

I used to be a steady 200ish lbs which was bad enough but this year I soared back up to close to the heaviest i’ve ever been. 

Getting my summer placement and seeing all the exciting opportunities that could come through my career, it gave me fresh motivation to get off my butt. I have a sports media internship at the university, as well as a placement at Cyclist magazine, imagine what more could come my way if I was confident in my own skin entirely?  

For now my goal is to get down to 150lbs and see where I can go from there. I’ve been told I have a large build and because I’ve never been particularly fit or active, I don’t actually know what I might look like at a light weight.

I really just want to be in a healthy weight range and hopefully back into my size 14 or at a push size 12 clothing and feel comfortable again!

So what’s my plan?

myfitnesspal app polar a300

I will be logging my calories and exercise on MyFitnessPal. If you’re on it- come join me here!

MyFitnesspal will give me a set number of calories to stick to and then I will exercise for at least an hour a day and log that too. I won’t say I’m sticking to a particular calorie count for the next year for the simple fact it’s going to change as I lose weight.

I’ve found a way of connecting my polar watch to the app through Google Fit (still waiting on the android connection directly!) 

polar a300 fitness watch

My good old A300. Such a versatile watch, being waterproof I can take it swimming as well as cycling and to the gym. It also has a daily activity tracker to count my steps. 

squats fitness workout simply be
Vest, Leggings and Trainers- SimplyBe

I do have a gym membership but right now it’s just not value for money for me. I need something either cheaper, or similarly priced and in a better location. I’m really tempted to join my university gym as it is where I’ll be everyday and it’s not far from my flat if I wanted to go at weekends.

But my plan is to attend the gym at least 3x a week. 

turbo trainer avanti giro 2016

I have a turbo trainer and a gorgeous road bike. My plan is to get more into cycling. I want to cycle to uni as a means of commuting as well as at the gym and taking my road bike on cycles. I want to try turbo training on a more constant basis, especially as the weather gets worse in Newcastle.

I really can’t wait to write an update and keep a track of how everything is going!

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