Easy-to-do Skeleton Halloween Makeup

I’ve never really been one for Halloween until I came away to uni. But now I quite like dressing up and painting my face so I thought I would share with you my simple skeleton makeup look! Enjoy!

For this I just grabbed things I could find that I already had. As a student I don’t really want to be wasting money on stuff I’ll never use again when I have things like eyeshadow and eyeliner at hand!

So for this I used:

  • Clinique Mascara
  • Rimmel Special Eyes Eyeliner
  • Rimmel hide the blemish concealer
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo
  • Primark Night Palette
  • Soap and Glory SuperCat Liner

I’m quite lucky when it comes to doing these kinds of things as I’m naturally very pale ( perfect skeleton base!) So all I do is conceal any redness, blemishes etc and my lips as well! 

Then I go in with my Primark Eyeshadow Palette, an absolute bargain at £2.50, and just give myself Panda eyes! For the first while you will look at yourself and just think ‘I look like a panda!’ but slowly it does come together!

Then I start on my nose, giving it the shape and going over it again and again until it is as black as I want it to be.

The best thing about this is none of it has to be neat! Wispy bits and smudges just add to the creepy look!

Then using my eyeliner I sketch on rips along my lips, these can be as fine as you want them or you can smudge them. If you want to, you can add lipstick here to add a bit of a ‘glam skeleton’ look! Then go over your lipstick with liner. If you want smooth, clean lines, especially over your lipstick I recommend using your liquid eyeliner for this.

Then draw either side the cavity that is your mouth. I referenced pictures for this. Then go back in and fill it in with more eyeshadow. 

 Spray with a setting spray and your done! It literally takes no time at all! And you don’t have to waste money buying more makeup or face paint. 

This is just a good basic look but you can add to it in so many ways:

  • Add some Batiste spray in your hair without brushing it out too much and you’ll get that grey, dusty look to your hair, making you look that bit creepier!
  • Be a sexy skeleton and curl your hair! 
  • Add some lipstick and then liquid liner rips overs the top!
  • Make yourself a bit more of a feminine skeleton with long lashes, eyeliner flicks and glittery lids!
  • maybe add a pop of colour? 

My slightly scarier, fake bloodier version from last year (it’s my favourite look!)

S x 

P.S. if you want some really creepy photos, take your photos in the dark especially around candlelight! It’ll really bring out your eyes 😉