BLOGMAS: Frozen Cupcakes

So it’s your last night together as a couple until the New Year as Christmas is approaching so you’ve got to go your separate ways for a couple of weeks, visit family and go home. So what do you do?

You could order in a takeaway, binge your favourite films and have a cosy evening in, cuddled up on the sofa just the two of you.

Or, you could get all dressed up and venture out into the cold to a nice cosy pub or a bar and have a few drinks, a dance or even go ice-skating.

No, not us. 

Frozen Cupcakes at 2am is what we decided to do…

We had so many different plans for our last evening together but plans don’t always come together.

So we headed out to the shops got some quick dinner and headed home with a quick, kids kit of Frozen Cupcakes.

Which we then proceeded to forget about whilst we played card games and friday night TV.

Then the flat decided to indulge in a new game we’ve been playing for a few evenings now. It consists of smacking a ball about the house a bit like indoor baseball, the rules always change, there is a lot of shouting and it can take a few hours!

But due to messed up sleeping patterns from finishing projects and coursework we’ve all been heading off to bed about 4 or 5am. 

So 2 am seemed the perfect time to start baking some cupcakes. 

Now you may notice, these are not going to win the bake-off, but they were actually quite yummy and a cute, quick bit of fun in the kitchen!

S x