So today the day finally came for me to pack my bag and head home for Christmas.

An early start and a short flight and I was back down south.

The past few nights we’ve all been up until about 4 in the morning so I was pretty much nocturnal. So I decided to stay up, pack my bag and tidy the house before I left.

I left the house at about 7am with my bag and grabbed a quick subway. A delicious bacon and cheese sub. Then off in the taxi to the airport.

I love being in the airport. It really is one of my favourite places to be. I’ve always loved going on holiday and I quite like the process of going through security, duty free, then boarding the plane.

I got to mill around duty free for awhile admiring plenty of lovely stuff and grabbing a couple of presents to bring back. 

Then it was time to hop on the plane. Only to find out that a family and I were booked in the same seats. I moved to the wing and dozed off during the flight with my headphones on.

The cutest festive shortbread biscuits! 

We’ve just had dinner and now it is time to chill and watch ‘House of Cards’. I am so addicted to it, a bit late to the party but I am really enjoying it.  A little bit of reading and scoffing heroes as well! 

S x