Blogmas Day One: My Christmas Wishlist!

I can’t believe it is finally December! I am so excited for Blogmas this year! So I thought I would kick off Blogmas by sharing my Christmas wishlist…

2016 has been a really interesting year for me and I think it reflects in my christmas wishlist quite well!

This year I’ve definitely fallen in love with my blog and most of my wishlist items here are going to be so useful in maintaining that love by giving me stuff to blog about or helping me progress!

I saw the HP Sprocket in one of VelvetGhost’s videos and was utterly in awe and desperately wanted one. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a scrapbook or at least a photo album for awhile now. I really hate that I take photos on my DSLR or on my phone and they end up hidden away on some hard drive somewhere- I love looking through photo albums and printing my phone photos would be a great idea.

The next two items are to help with my cycling. I am so proud to have lost a stone and a half already and this is mostly down to cycling. Winter weather has put a bit of a dampner on my progress, so I really want my own turbo trainer so I can train in my room. I really want the Bkool One Trainer as it also has a virtual side to it so you can train on real routes around the world virtually and race other riders!
Paired along with the idea of training, I really want a bike computer, in particular the Polar V650. I already have my lovely Polar A300 and together I can keep track of everything going on in my fitness journey this year! In the new year, I want to start uploading to Strava and getting out on my bike more.

I blame the black friday sales for me reaaally wanting an  Amazon Fire (or something similar). I really want a cheap tablet that I can throw in my bag (even my slim satchel with my folder in too) and take anywhere. I could blog on the go again!

I still reallly want a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, for the same reason as I’d like the HP Sprocket. I just love the idea of a polaroid camera!

I am a huge fan of anything rose scented so when I was at The Body Shop Event, I spent ages looking at all the British Rose collection, especially the British Rose Festive Picks, This is definitely the gift box i’d love to have!

Sticking with the nice smelling gift box theme, I would love to get the Christmas BathTime Favourites from Lush from Lush. All those christmassy smells perfect for my nightly bath at home (I am going to so miss that bath when I come back to halls!)

My holy grail notebook: the Leuchtturm1917 . I bought one earlier this year to start a bullet journal and I have not looked back, I LOVE IT. But for 2017, I want one that is gloriously bright and sunny so a lemon yellow one it is!

I have seen the Black Nike Roshes everywhere and everyone seems to love them! I definitely want a pair for everyday walking around so that I can save my brightly coloured Nikes for the gym (more on that in an upcoming post!)

So that’s everything I’m hoping to get either for Christmas or with my own money (thank you part time job!)

What are you hoping to get for christmas?

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