Blogmas Day 6: Working Graduation!

A short one today as I am beyond tired. I’ve just finished working the final day of Graduation.
I’ve had another lovely day watching all the graduates come in for their photos with their families…

I can’t quite believe it’s my turn in the summer (fingers crossed I do well) and I’ll have to be dressed smart and in the cap and gown. A bit of a scary thought really that after that is still a mystery…
What do I do? Where do I go?

It’s quite a magical looking thing to watch people graduate in December. By the time the final ceremonies are happening, the sun has set and the campus is all dark. Northumbria have decorated the quad with huge glowing letters that read ‘#GRAD16’ and there are fairy lights and christmas trees.
The hall in Domain is playing christmas music as parents and their children sip prosecco before they go up for their photos after the graduation ceremony.

Another couple of days working with a lovely team and earning a bit of money before Christmas.

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