Saturday night was the start of my role as member of the freshers media team, kicking off with the UV rave!

Last night was my first night working for the freshers media team. I told myself to sign up for it two years ago and I finally did! So with my freshers media tee, I set off to campus with my camera and gopro. 

The UV rave was the first big night of freshers this year with Anto Sharp from Vine coming in to special guest during it. I did a small bit of presenting for NSU:TV, enough to dip my toe and see how it felt. I still think I’m far too shy for it but I am going to hopefully have another go soon!

We set up a timelapse video of the event and did some interviews with some of the freshers before they went in. Then we took the cameras and had a quick walk around inside cos we really didn’t want to get caught by the paint cannons!

I decided to go back in a couple of hours later when everyone was drenched and enjoying it so I got permission to go on stage with the go-pro and it was so much fun watching people getting drenched in paint and going absolutely mental!

Check out the Vlog!

and our NSU/TV video of the event!

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