Cycle Diary: My first ride out this year!

My original plan for today was to sort all the things that were stressing me out. I’m so close to my final year hand-in’s, for some of the biggest projects I’ve ever done, so I am feeling quite stressed right now.

I have about two weeks until my magazine has to be handed in and the pressure is on to get it perfect.

However, something just wasn’t sitting right with me. My room was a tip and everything small that could annoy me was annoying me.

It’s now become habit for me to check my weather app in the mornings, handy as it means I can be prepared for the day ahead. Given my skin conditions and other things, I have to keep an eye on the weather to make sure I’m wrapped up properly etc.

When I checked the weather I was astonished to see a high and real feel of 16 degrees. SURELY NOT?

In NEWCASTLE?! It seemed as if Spring was finally here and the weather was taking a turn for the warm.

So without hesitation I started grabbing cycling kit and saying to myself I’d take the afternoon off of work and just enjoy this rare weather.

I haven’t been out on a training/fun ride since January when I was at home and not out in Newcastle at all this year! I had to seize the opportunity and go!

I was slightly nervous of how my skin would react to such weather so did my full skincare regime and took my antihistamines and took out a longsleeved windproof jacket too. I wasn’t taking any chances!

I grabbed my new Polar V650 and my HR band and headed out. I decided to head down to the Quayside and start from The Cycle Hub and just go straight down the Quayside as far I could go.

The whole aim was just to blow off some steam, relax a little and enjoy the sunshine. I’m pretty glad I did it as I felt so calm and at peace just going on my way in the sun, with bare arms for the first time in months outdoors and the sun keeping me warm.

The Quayside was packed due to the sun so it was kind of like playing dodgems trying to dodge them all but eventually I got under the Tyne Bridge and headed towards the Gateshead area on the Newcastle side of the river.

I went along the route, pacing myself and stopping to take a few photos. I really wanted to document just being outside enjoying life!

On my Polar V650 (bike computer) I hid my calorie count on a separate screen- this bike ride was not going to be about how many calories I could burn-it was about fun!

From previous experience I’ve found it hard to cycle more than a couple of miles mostly due to cycling in the winter, so it’s really cold! But today was just gorgeous blue skies, warm and beautiful views- it was bliss!

Once I got past the Quayside near Tyne Bridge I headed along the Hadrian’s Way cycleway and kept going. On my first ever group ride, I stopped around here before we headed back doing a small 6 mile loop but today I went flying past it and kept going!

It was quite exciting to just explore somewhere new that wasn’t too far away from home. I crossed at the Scotswood Bridge and came down the Gateshead side of the river and stopped off for some lunch at the MetroCentre. I used to think the metrocentre was so far away and I could never get there other than by taxi or bus but I’m so glad I can cycle there if need be!

I stopped at the metrocentre and without thinking I got myself a baguette! Very typical cyclist food haha! But I grabbed a drink, some spare water and some crisps a doughnut from Greggs. It seemed a lot but once I got home and logged my ride in MyFitnessPal – it really wasn’t!

I am so glad I took the opportunity to get out and enjoy this rare bit of sun. I’m hoping to keep going now that the weather is getting warmer. I’ve been waiting months to get out in the sun and enjoy it!

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S x