Cyclist Magazine internship northumbria university

When I got the email telling me I was accepted for a 3 week internship at Cyclist magazine in London, I was so excited…

For my third year, there’s a module which involves going on placements so I started looking a few months ago and after a few emails back and forth it was confirmed: I was heading to London in August.

Now I’m here, about half way through my placement and already I’m so happy with it and proud.

The guys that run the magazine have been really understanding of the fact it takes me almost 3 hours to get to work everyday (it’s a cheaper journey but takes a lot longer by bus, coach and tube!) but have also been great with the knowledge they’re imparting!

Also, the opportunities they’ve given me to prove myself and to have a little something to take away at the end has been wonderful.

So what’s the big news?

I have had my first article published! 


During my time at Cyclist I have been covering the Olympic Team GB cycling events for the website. Come and take a look!

I’m so excited for September and all the brilliant things to do with my sports media internship at uni!

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