And hello to all of you! I have been absent from my blog a lot recently due to a lot of different reasons!

I have no camera, and plenty of university assignments taking over my life, as well as a part-time job over Christmas! Oh, and I’m moving on the 1st of January! So everything right now is GO, GO, GO!

You’ll notice a lot of ‘Activism’ posts going up on my blog about now and over the past few months. It is part of my university course, a module called ‘Re-Thinking Journalism’ and looking at Activism, the digital age and how causes are using the internet to further their beliefs and ambitions. 

It really is an interesting module, one that has got me to really look at what causes I believe in, what I’m willing to give my support to and to show the world that I support! So, if you’re interested, I would love some comments on these topics, just as a little side tag to the rest of my blog!

I figured I might carry on this tag once this module is over simply because it has made me realise I should be using blogging to further worthy causes! 

But none of this is particularly…. Christmassy? Blogmassy? Vlogmassy?

Oh how I wish I had a good camera for vlogging! and no student budget in which to live off of! A really lavish christmas would be great fun, but I suppose that is kind of the sweet joy of being a student? Making do and experimenting with cheaper options!

So what is my December and Christmas going to be like?

Andrew wrapping his christmas presents to take home

As I’m moving out on the 1st of January, I’m staying at my boyfriends house a lot. Hell, I live here now. But we’re making it work for now whilst I sort my room and get plans made for moving into my new studio flat! I am SO EXCITED! I lived in one in first year at uni, but felt incredibly lonely in a new place, but nearing the end of uni now I feel I need my own space. I’ve lived with others since I was about 11 and it’s just a bit much. Plus, my new place has a lot of awesome perks ( I will get to that when I move in!)

We have done a little bit of decorating, but I haven’t bothered to decorate my room at home as I’m barely there. Plus buying decorations, just means more to pack!

We sat and had a chilled evening watching films whilst cutting out snowflakes for the window ( because even though we are in the North, we are not getting a white Christmas!)

I have wrapped all my presents already, as I’ll be heading home early. I’ll be flying home to see my parents for a few days before we drive back to Newcastle, pack up my room and then move me in on New Year’s Day! 

I have a few bits of coursework to finish by Christmas then revision for an exam so I’m going to try offset the misery of hard work during the festive period, by trying to be a bit more festive here on my blog as well as planning ahead to sort more things for this lovely wee space in 2016!

S x