Being shy at university can be such a handicap. It’s drilled into you from even before you apply that it will be this life changing experience. You’ll get to see so much, do so much and meet people from all walks of life. It’s supposed to be the time of your life, you’re supposed to be out late every night partying, drinking as much as you can, joining every society going and getting a degree in a job that one day you’ll love…

But not all of that comes easily to every student. Me for example. I am quite shy deep down and have suffered with social anxiety for years. I remember once walking out of Subway because a guy pushed in front of me in the line and I was too shy to confront him and felt so embarrassed that other people in the queue had seen this happen, that I left without my sandwich.

Slowly over the past few years at university, I’ve learnt how to make the experience my own. I’m not the kind of person who goes out regularly for many reasons, but I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed my time.

I’m slowly coming to the end of this educational rollercoaster and to be honest, I’m pretty sad about it. However, I am also so ready and excited for the next adventure to begin- going out into the big open world as a graduate. I have literally NO idea what’s going to happen- a clean slate and fresh opportunities- I can’t wait!

In the past year however, I’ve been getting out of my bubble more and any product that is going to help me do that- I want to try! So when I was approached to work with Audacious Rhino Products, I was excited!

One thing that has really helped me tackle life head on is trying to be more prepared. By having the right products to help me get through the day at uni, travelling or on a day trip things go much better!

 I won’t lie and say i’m 100% prepared for every single day- the odd day I do forget stuff or don’t plan ahead but in general I feel pretty organised, particularly in third year.

By being more prepared I’m ready to deal with pretty much any situation. Down to laying out my clothes and making my lunch the night before. My backpack is always filled with odds and ends that might come in useful- both for travelling and the day to day at uni. I’m tempted to do a what’s in my bag video at some point. It’s amazing how much of a positive influence having the right kit can have on you.

I’ve only had this flask a week, but it’s already become a firm part of my routine. A stainless steel design that is BPA free and environmentally friendly made it my number one choice of product to try.

A decent size at 500ml, you can carry pretty much any sort of drink you want. It has a wide mouth so you don’t feel like you’re not getting enough to drink.

I’m not a big fan of hot drinks so I use mine to carry soup. This size is perfect for carrying one whole can and doesn’t add much weight to my backpack. Quite handy for staying on track on my diet and making sure I take something healthy to uni. It’s now a week in of use and it’s helped me stick to my meal plan so it gets a huge thumbs up!

When we headed out to South Shields, I filled it with tomato soup at around 10am and by 3pm it was still nice and toasty.

The lid has a lock and a flip mechanism making it easy to open, even if you’ve got your hands full. Or if you don’t have space in your bag, you can hook it through a loop using the handle attached to the lid.

Cleaning it is a doddle too which is great for me as a student, a quick rinse and scrub and it’s ready to go for the next time. I can honestly recommend it. I popped it into the holder on the side of my backpack- a perfectly snug fit and even on the outside of my bag it stayed warm all day.

All in all, I can’t fault the design of this flask, it’s going to come in so handy throughout my time at uni and for all the adventures I have planned for the year ahead.

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