8 Week Plan: Week one

I have completed week one of my 8 week plan! Week one of a countdown until Christmas! 

As the first week of my plan, I’m pretty proud of the changes i’ve made so far. 


My go-to meal most days this week has been this pretty simple and possibly uninspiring looking chicken with sweet potato mash. I can’t eat much fruit so I rely on eating a lot of vegetables to get what I need and I am so glad I love sweet potato. It is so filling and the sweetness of it stops me snacking on sweet things like chocolate. This meal is my main meal of the day and tends to fill me for the most part of the day. 

Chicken is my main go-to. Luckily, I love it and vegetables. I’m slowly cutting out the majority of dairy and reducing my intake of bread and anything that makes me feel sluggish and puffy. I’m working on reducing my sugar intake ( something i’ve basically lived off of for months, and frankly, this is a struggle!) so that I can feel better overall. 

I did my first ever group cycle on Monday. I started this 8 week plan off right! 

I need to invest in some winter cycling kit so badly; so unless there is the odd spot of good weather, most of my cycling seems like it’ll be done at the gym this winter. I can’t afford a turbo trainer just yet but I’m hoping to get one next semester. 

Cycling will definitely be sticking around in my new routine as it is such a high calorie burner! I get places quicker and I can cycle a lot further than I can walk, meaning I can explore more!

I’ve continued my newfound love of late night walks! Taking the camera out going for a wander (and the odd stop in the pub) has become a great way to pass my evenings. The extra calorie burn is most welcome, especially when I get shots like this! 

Going into week 2, I’m feeling a little ill and rundown already. Deadlines are heading the way so work is going to definitely get in the way. I need to stay focused and hope I can work out fairly regularly, but this next week will be mostly focused on fixing my diet.

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