Cycling: My first Sky ride!

avanti giro quayside newcastle

On Monday I had my first group cycle experience, by attending my first ever SkyRide!

Since August I have been very focused on my weightloss and fitness journey. I am determined to reach my goal weight by graduation, which is next summer. 

Cycling has become my favourite way to help me on my journey and I had one of my first cycling milestones this week: my first ever group ride!

the cycle hub quayside newcastle cycling

I arrived at the Cycle Hub at 10:30am to begin my ride. We all stood around and chatted before heading off down the flat route of the Quayside. We did the route that I normally do, which made me feel really comfortable with it.

I felt a bit silly being the only person under 30 on the ride but I knew I had to start somewhere. I’ve never been out on a group ride and prefer to cycle alone just out of shyness. Over the past few months, as I’ve got into cycling, I’ve got more interested in the culture that surrounds it and the friendly aspect of it too.

I hung back to let the older people head out first then clipped it and followed behind with a ride leader. We chatted the whole route and I got some great photos and videos whilst I was out.

The ride definitely wasn’t challenging enough! Even for me! I’m a complete beginner, but I know I could have done a lot more that day. However, I don’t know the etiquette for riding in a group and I wanted to get used to the social side of cycling. It was great way to start a monday morning, with an easy cycle that racked up a lot of calories!

Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble towards the end with a puncture and no kit, so when I got back to the Cycle Hub, I used it as an excuse to get a service! Since owning my bike it’s never had a service, so it was a good opportunity. I also found out that they offer maintenance courses for £40 or so, so I will definitely be signing up for that when I have time. I felt a little embarrassed not knowing how to fix it or how to properly look after my bike and I really love the damn thing, so I can’t wait to learn about all the technical stuff behind caring for it.

polar a300 watch

I got home absolutely starving, showered and wolfed down a chicken and sweet potato mash lunch. It’s my favourite thing to eat right now as it keeps me full and is fairly healthy. I checked my watch that night and I had burned over 1500 calories in total- twice my daily goal! I was so happy and pumped for the rest of the day after that ride- and since I have contacted people in the uni club, to see if I can find others to go out on group rides with!

I am really proud of myself for pushing myself past my anxiety with this and it was so much fun. It’s spurred me on to carry on!

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