Ninja Burgers at Bar 28

We were invited to a blogger event to review the food and watch the eating competition. All views expressed are my own.

ninja burgers

Who doesn’t love burgers !

Thursday evening was an eventful evening. We had been invited along to the Launch of Ninja Burgers at Bar 28 in town, and as students, we were not saying no to free food!

We grabbed an Uber and headed into town to Bar 28, a bar settled above the high street in Nelson Street.


 With our ‘free drinks’ bands tied on we settled down at the far end of the bar with our drinks and got chatting to other bloggers.

shabby chic

bar 28

bar 28

bar 28

bar 28 romantic decor

The bar itself has a most unusual style! The seated area up the step is like a romantic garden with leaves everywhere, statues and fairy lights and plenty of places to sit.

Whilst the area at the end where we sat, the back wall is dominated by this incredibly risque photograph! ( I vlogged the event and am still not sure if Youtube will hide the video ha)

amy gatenby bar 28

The interior is quite dreamy and definitely my kind of style. A perfect place to end the night on the town as it stays open until 3am!

But onto the main event!

ninja burgers newcastle

The Ninja Burgers themselves.


ninja burgers sliders


We were given sliders to try the different types of burgers out. Tray after tray of delicious smelling burgers rolled out of the kitchen to us and we got clicking away with the cameras before devouring them.

There were three types of burgers on offer!

A delicious Brioche bun from the Geordie Bakers who are based locally in Kingston Park and inside, a really sumptuous patty of meat. The burgers themselves are also made locally, by Charlotte’s Butchery in Gosforth.

Ninja Burger then applies their own secret seasoning before cooking “sous vide” translated as “under pressure.” This method was first popularised by Michel star chef Thomas Keller. The burgers are placed in a water bath for 95 hours or more at a regulated temperature of 55.6 degrees. This ensures each burger is properly cooked without overcooking the outside and retaining moisture.

Next up were my personal favourites! Chicken burgers in the same brioche bun, but the chicken is dipped in buttermilk and then fried in popcorn crust. They were delicious and I had at least two!

But if you’re a vegetarian don’t panic- Ninja Burgers will cater to you as well!

This is the Panko crumbled halloumi burger with puy lentils. They also make a homemade falafel burger.

After we tried all the different burgers, the entertainment began!

Food Challenges!

matt reed comedian



food challenge






These men competed in 3 different food challenges, scoffing a lot of delicious burgers  in the hope of winning a large bar tab! These challenges were hosted by the very funny Matt Reed.

The event was brilliant, a lot of great food and drink, good chat with lovely people and a wonderful atmosphere. Knowing that these burgers and all their sides and desserts like their dirty fries and sticky toffee pudding will be staying at Bar 28 and also popping up around the local area- I know I’ll be back for more!

north east bloggers

A lovely place for a quiet date night or the end of the night, Bar 28 was a fabulous place to host the launch of the Ninja Burgers.

We were invited to a blogger event to review the food and watch the eating competition. All views expressed are my own.