How to get fire red hair with superdrug

*Update August 2021* : Since this blog post was originally written back in 2016, Superdrug have stopped selling this specific colour. However, I have left the post up on my blog as it is part of my online diary from my days as a student.

superdrug red hair dye

I finally did it! I have been itching to dye my hair back once it was in better condition and I have fallen in love with the idea of having long fire red hair. It has been years since I’ve had long hair but I knew I wanted to leave my natural colour behind. There is something just so gorgeous about fire red hair and I feel it really goes well with my pale skin.

superdrug redhead hair dye

superdrug redhead ginger

So far I’m liking the change and can’t wait to get my hair extensions so I can try having long hair whilst I wait for this to grow! I really love the colour, considering how cheap the dye was i’m very impressed with the softness and shine of my hair.

Buy your own red hair dye from Superdrug here

Have a peek at my new video of me dyeing my hair fire red.

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