Popping home for a visit

On Monday, the Ham and I packed up our stuff and headed home for a visit. I haven’t been home since Christmas! So it’s been about 8 months or so since I saw my parents and they’ve never met Pam!

The Ham and I had about a five hour train journey home. Her in her travel box in the seat next to me. She slept the whole way there, and only woke up to have a nosey when we got off at the station, standing up in her box to sniff all these new smells!

We got home and went straight outside to chill in the garden. Our garden is literally a little piece of heaven!
When I was younger it was just grass with flowerbed borders and a place to BBQ and hang the laundry. Years on and since I went away to school and university, my parents have added to it and cultivated it to the point that you’re hit in the face with pops of colour allover the garden!

In the last few years my parents have taken a liking to growing their own fruit and veg. In particular, their own tomatoes. Just look at that beast of a plant!!

The next week or so I’m just going to be chilling, blogging, writing and painting! It’s so nice to just be at home and relax for awhile. Although after having the news i’m into second year of my course, I really can’t wait for September to come around! I’m a love of stationery and I love buying new stuff for the next year. Can’t wait to see what second year brings!

S x