So as Uni begins next week I have been sorting out things I need for my course etc and decided it would be best to go back to having a tablet. I used to have an Ipad but the price for them is just too much for my student budget and once I switched to a samsung phone I was convinced a samsung tablet would be best for me.And I was right!image

I picked the Samsung Tab A (9.7inch) as I felt it was best for my money. I found it came with 16GB which definitely wasn’t going to be enough for me but I can insert a Micro-Sim into the back of the tablet and upgrade the memory to a WHOPPING 128GB. (all for the cost of a micro-sim rather than the few extra hundred pound Apple would have wanted for the equivalent ipad).

The Tab A comes with a 5mp rear camera and 2mp front camera, not brilliant quality but enough if I need a quick snap whilst I’m out!

This year I’m taking up a ‘Journalism and Design’ module where I really hope to progress in design work especially graphics. For my A-level Art most of my work was digital, portraits etc drawn on my ipad. My final piece for A-levels consisted of a series of digital portraits about different themes. I can still use the same app I used to use, downloaded from the Play Store.


So far I’m really enjoying learning about this tablet. I don’t know if I will do a full review as there are plenty on the samsung website and everywhere you can buy it from. Personally I’m really pleased as I can get back to my drawing!

Below is ‘Biscuit’ my boyfriends guinea pig who I decided to doodle to see if I still have my skill!

I’m about to open for commissions once I have saved previous drawings onto my hard-drive, so if you want one then please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂image

S x