It’s not everyday you get invited to drink with an emperor…

I was very surprised a few days ago, on my walk to the station, that I saw a massive tipi right outside it. Two large tents wrapped in a lot of lights. So when I was invited down for the press night I was curious to see what was going on behind that fence…

Walking towards the station, the tipi is hard to miss. Lit up by garlands of lights, it looks very seasonal. A roman soldier stands guard outside next to a signpost that’ll make sure you know where you’re going at the end of the night (just in case you have a little too much mulled wine!).

Upon arrival we were greeted with steaming cups of warm mulled wine and ushered into the tipi. A full bar, fire and band greeted us inside! With enough room for around 180 people, it was cosy inside and very warm! A nice respite from the icy cold outside!

If you’re like me and suffer from the cold, it’s a great place to pop into to warm up on a night out. The fire was roasting and had me immediately pulling off my scarf and gloves. I soon forgot how cold the outside was! 

The fire has wrap-around seating, making it a really cosy place to sit and chat. 

You can tell a lot of effort has gone into the design of the tipi as it feels so seasonal and cute. Lights and candles are everywhere and add to the warm ambience of your evening. All the lights make it really cosy and romantic. I felt so christmassy being in there!

The band played whilst everyone chatted and enjoyed their drinks from the bar. Beers from the local Wylam Brewery and plenty of Gluhwein (mulled wine) as well as Wassail (hot cider) are on offer as well as hot chocolate!

 We made a beeline for the fire whilst making sure to wolf down one of the sausage sandwiches that were being handed around!

If that isn’t enough to fill you up whilst you’re having a drink, outside is a wooden hut serving up lots of other snacks and drinks! If you prefer something sweet, the tipi also has the only donut kitchen in Newcastle!

The tipi is free entry and is open from 8am-1am for the next 8 weeks or so! 

All the twinkling lights, fire and the cosiness makes it quite a romantic stop on a night out. Perfect for a litttle drink after ice skating maybe?

The Tipi opens to the public today!

Check out their website here, their facebook, and their twitter for all the most up to date information on this seasonal wonder!

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