July Favourites

Hi Everyone!

Ooh I’m really getting into this new swing of blogging! I’m really enjoying it at the moment. I reckon it’s this new table I have. It makes taking photos so much easier with the gorgeous white background.

With it being summer, I’ve had other things to focus on besides university. So blogging has been put right at the front of my priorities and I’ve been spending a lot of time experimenting with makeup, new looks and stuff.

These are my favourite products from the past month

1) sweet vanilla and coconut primark mini candle- I adore these little candles! It’s my favourite scent and it makes a cute addition to my desk

2) Max Factor Pink Brandy- This has been featured in at least 2 other posts of mine! (can you tell it’s my favourite!)

3)BabyLips lip balm- I’ve recently started taking better care of myself. I’m trying to lose weight and stay hydrated and dry lips is always a problem for me. This lip balm isn’t greasy and it’s a gorgeous blue!

4) Rimmel Oh my Gloss! in Glossaholic- another lip product?! What is happening to me! But yes I love love love this! Finally a gloss I can apply and feel comfortable wearing and not feel like a sticky mess! The wand is great for applying it on and it feels really light and I feel like I can go about my day without having to reapply too often!

5) Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown- I bought this a month or so ago as I wanted to learn to tame my brows. Mine are wonky, sparse at the ends and bushy in the middle! A nightmare! I’m slowly learning the art of taming them and I love this little brow pencil. I’m finally shaping my brows better but I still think I need to visit a professional and see what they can do.

6) Sugar Apple by Barry M- a gorgeous glossy pale green/blue! It’s a really summery colour that makes my hands look a little more tanned!

S x