Mini Mac Haul

The other day I purchased my first ever Mac products. I’ve been after a foundation routine that works for my pale, dull skin for awhile and I think I may have just cracked it!

Buying these two was a big step for me. I’ve always wanted to buy Mac products but have found them to be out of my budget and have been scared to buy and then regret it.

However, after watching countless youtube videos, reading reviews and reviewing swatches, I decided I would buy a foundation from Mac. 

I am very pale- so pale that even the lightest ‘light’ foundation by most brands has too much of an orange, ‘sun-kissed’ tone to it for my skin and even blending down my neck, you can tell that it’s not anywhere near my natural colour.

I assumed Mac would help with this as the brand is used by professionals, I assumed it would hopefully cover more skin tones. I went for their studio fix in NC15. It arrived and in the bottle it looked too dark. I was nervous.

However, once applying a layer, I realised I may have just found my new favourite foundation. I’ve seen it get a lot of flack online, but I’ve also asked around and it’s also one that a lot of people recommend? Interesting! 

I had read that for a lot of people this foundation does break them out. I don’t wear makeup everyday, and generally only wear concealer, so I’m hoping this won’t be too much of a problem.

Once it was on, I did feel quite yellow compared to my natural skin tone. However, after checking in mirrors and outside and with other people, I reckon it’s just because i’m not used to having colour on my face. I quite like it, it’s a subtle sun-kissed look that makes me feel a bit more alive!  

Bare face
Just strobe cream and foundation

Finished look

I decided to purchase their strobe cream after seeing how it gives you a dewy complexion. I always feel my skin looks dry and drab and tight. I’ve tried different types of moisturisers and so far this strobe cream feels great on my skin. Twinned with the foundation, it feels like i’m not wearing any makeup on my skin. The strobe cream has brightened up my pale freckly skin and has given me a little more confidence in wearing minimal makeup!

The extras I used to finish my look for today!

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