A Dene Day with Dora and Gem

On Thursday I headed off for a walk with the two lovely labs that I borrow. 

They are called Dora and Gem, Dora being the younger lab and Gem the slightly older. 

Since uni ended I’ve been getting out and walking more, and trying to spend more time outside. So, we went for  a walk down to Jesmond Dene through a couple of other parks on a nice hour long walk.

I love walking these two as they can be let off lead to wander and explore but also follow commands. It’s so much more relaxing walking a well-trained dog! 

Gem gets slightly scared by going for a walk, she gets sort of shy as soon as she’s at the end of her house and I had to offer treats down the first little bit of path to get her out of the house. But, once we were out she was racing Dora and exploring.

I took my DSLR to get a few nice shots. They’re not my best as I just wanted to have a nice time and practice my photography but mostly I just wanted out the flat and to get some nice breathing time to myself. I’m going to keep practicing photographing them so I can give their Mum a few nice photos as a thank you for letting me borrow them.

I met Gem and Dora through BorrowMyDoggy, and I’m going to try to stick to borrowing them at least once a week.

I find it so lovely to walk them as they have such a sweet gentle nature, particularly Dora. I struggle sometimes with the steep hills near where they live and she always stops and waits for me. If I’m catching my breath and taking my inhaler she stands by me and waits then when I press on slowly she stays right by my side and keeps looking at me to make sure I’m okay. Whilst Gem stays a bit ahead and waits. I can really see why this breed are used as guide dogs, they are so sweet and friendly and so patient!

They are incredibly intelligent as well – perfect for photographing. I pointed to the left of the path and they ran that way. Then I tapped the top of this mound that was head height for me and they turned round and ran up it and stood at the edge. They waited patiently whilst I took my photos then I let them come down and they got lots of treats for being so good!

I also love how much they love swimming. I vlogged a little bit of the walk, so I will add this week’s vlog in below if you want to have a look!

They are such a lovely pair, they’ve almost convinced me I need a lab! 

Do you have a favourite breed? What do you love most about your dog?

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S x