8 Week Plan: Week 2 + #thisNORTHgirlcan

Check out last week’s post here.

This past week I haven’t done any real training but I have been walking more! I remember I never used to walk to uni and now it’s just part of my routine that doesn’t even bother me anymore. I love NS (non-scale) victories!  With a lot on at uni I didn’t really make the time to workout which I feel pretty annoyed about.

As you can see this week was a pretty average week, most days I didn’t wear my watch all day so there are calories missing. For example, on sunday I ran out the door without realising i’d left my watch by my bed. I did a good hour or so’s walking at least according to my phone, which is logged on MyFitnessPal but sadly not on the Polar.

I did an okay amount of walking; basically commuting and the odd stroll around town but this week was definitely more about learning how to change my diet. I focused on eating the correct calorie intake. I knew I had a busy week with not much time for exercise and given the fact that winter is pretty much here in Newcastle, outside cycling for me right now is not an option. I really need to invest in some winter gear soon or perhaps a turbo trainer!

After a cheeky pizza on monday (it’s been awhile since i’ve had a pizza!) I realised I needed to watch what I was eating a lot more carefully. After allowing myself a cheat day on monday, I factored that into what I was eating for the rest of the week and took care to eat filling, nutritious meals instead. I’ve also been trying to limit my sugar intake too as well as my carbs considering I wasn’t doing much exercise. I’ve also noticed that a huge reduction in my carbs, dairy and sugar intake is making me feel a lot better. I also made an effort with my water intake too, meeting my 2litre goals 5/7 days- which is pretty good for me! It’s done me so well this week as I’m now down to 219!

I was so nervous to weigh myself at the end of this week because of the lack of exercise! But it paid off! I have finally got below the 220 mark(less than 16 stone- I have to work in stone when talking to my parents about it, so I keep tabs on the weight conversions to make it easier).

It has taken months but I’ve officially lost over a stone( 14lbs). To finally see those teen numbers appear again is making me so happy and motivated!

My goal has been to lose 2lbs a week through tracking cals+ exercise on myfitnesspal and exercising for an hour a day, with an MFP exercise goal of 500 calories a day. It seems the past week, I’ve made up the deficit by careful food tracking, but I do not want to get into the habit of curbing my appetite so much and not exercising- something I will move into next week.

Another motivating factor for me this week has been the #thisNORTHgirlcan campaign at uni. This is Northumbria’s campaign to get more female students into sport as part of the #thisgirlcan campaign by offering taster sessions in a variety of sports.  As a committee member of the equestrian society, I was really excited for the taster session for our society. We had quite a few people come down to the stables to try it out- even boys!

I got talking with some of the people that work there and found out about their weight limit at the stables. To my dismay I’m still a fair way off being able to ride yet, but I now have a set weight goal of below 13 stone! Once I am below 13 stone I can begin riding again! That’s another 2.6 stone at the moment, which makes me a little sad. It seems so far away that I’ll reach that goal. BUT it is so motivating at the same time!

My two favourite horses at the yard, Lara and Ella, are the two I’d be able to ride if I got my weight down.

Perfect motivation!
It was so nice petting the horses over their stable doors and watching the tasters ride round in the arena. I can’t wait until it’s my turn to get back up into the saddle.


I vlogged this past week so check it out below!

Looking ahead to week 3, I really want to get back into the gym again. Cycling is a no-go due to lack of winter gear and spares. I just simply can’t risk it! So I’m going to focus more on strength-training and any cardio will be walking/in the gym! 

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