The best week ever to be a British cycling fan!

What a week to be British! I am so proud right now to be from this little island! 

I’ve had a pretty incredible August, completely filled to the brim with bikes, fitness goals, and cycling… 

waterproof jacket cycling cyclist womens

Cycling is slowly, slowly, becoming a huge part of my life. (Have you noticed at all?)

I’ve always watched the Tour de France, loved going out my bike as a kid, but never really thought it was for me in any competitive sort of way. A hobby maybe.

As I type this, I’ve just got home from the last day of my internship at Cyclist magazine.

What a wonderful three weeks I’ve had! 

I’ve learnt so much from the guys that run the magazine. When I first turned up, I was a bag of nerves! My first ever work placement at an actual magazine. Not a piece of coursework, or an exam, but people who do this stuff everyday.

Doing small and odd tasks for them like cataloging information from all the issues may have been banal to them but for me it was really interesting seeing the formula that they stick to to create the magazine. Seeing the layout spreads, the excel sheets, being talked through each of their individual jobs, was a lot to take in but so worth it!

cycliing jacket womens blue plus size

I would sit in the office writing small amounts of copy and then bikes and boxes of cycling products would arrive. It was like the ultimate blogger dream, lots of your favourite products arriving!
It was amazing to walk over and look at rows and rows of bikes- some so expensive I dare only to look! It made me really miss my own bike and I know for a fact as soon as the weather’s good when I’m back in Newcastle, I’ll be heading down to the Quayside on mine…

team gb aldi cycling jacket size 18

But let’s not forget the Olympics. As I said, I’m so damn proud of our Olympians, especially our cyclists. No-one can match us and these are the celebrities that kids should want to be like! Laura Trott and Jason Kenny are literally relationship goals- unbelievable the amount of success between them! Every single one of our track cyclists got a medal!

I’ve been covering the Olympics over on Cyclists website, which was such a fantastic experience for me. I was far more involved with the Olympics this year because of it and I’m so glad to see Mark Cavendish finally get that Olympic medal he’s been after!

But finally, let’s get to this jacket eh! One of the Team GB themed products from their partners, Aldi, it was only £15. It is such a gorgeous shade of blue! I love it, and know that even when I drop down to a 16 it’ll still be a viable option for the wet and windy weather up north. As a cycling fan, I couldn’t not have it. I’m currently deciding as to whether to get anymore from the range…

Team gb cycling jacket blue size 18

I think I have finally found my sport. I get so excited watching it on the tv, and learning about the new products on the market at my internship was really interesting. It’s put me in a really confident mood for my sports media internship at uni.

I really can’t wait to get back to Newcastle, to my bike and so I can really get on with my workout goals and work out some sort of cycling training programme.

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