My Fitness New Years Resolution

 Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. I’m so glad that 2016 has finally come around. A chance to start things afresh and look towards new goals. I’m really glad that a lot of things began and ended at this time of year as it gives me almost ‘A New Start’.

One such thing I want to focus on is my fitness and overall health.

After a discussion over Christmas with family and my doctor it was clear I needed to make a change. I started off the new year weighing 228 lbs.

This is far too heavy for my height of 5″6!

This was me early on in 2015, about 205lbs, and I want to get back down to even this weight!

So I decided to not focus on the number of the scales when I start this. It has never really worked in the past. But focus more on having a list of good experiences and finding out what works and more importantly what doesn’t for me.

However, I do need to pay attention to the scales and factor in a weightloss plan as well as generally just feeling better about what I want to do. So I downloaded the ‘myfitnesspal’ app and I plan to log my daily intake as well as exercise. January will be a test month, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

As I’m still moving it’s quite difficult to cook properly and exercise properly and I’ve been told I may not be in my new flat until the end of the month! So that means living out of boxes and packing everything back up again.

So here is what myfitnesspal has given me to do!…

10 lbs is quite daunting in a month but I’m going to try my best to aim for it! Especially since this month is hectic and a lot of things are nowhere near ready for me to be in a proper routine for losing weight!

Myfitnesspal is able to log my exercise as long as I put it in, as well as my water and my diet- so i’m hoping to see some positive changes in the future!

As for tracking my exercise, I’ll be using my Polar A300 heart rate monitor watch. I’ve been using it on and off for months and I know for a fact it’s made some positive effects on me. But I need to completely give into it, and work to beat it’s goals as best I can. First step- finding the heart rate monitor in all these boxes!

This was a cycle I did last year which just proved that I can work out hard if i put my mind to it! 

I have signed up to my gym for a student membership, which means I can only go at certain times so I’ve improvised for my flat and got myself a small workout area set up! It means I can work out anytime I like and the stuff I’m too embarrassed to do in public, like body weight exercises, I can do in the peace of my own room!

Exercising is a real chore to me at this size but I can do it if I put my mind to it. However, my diet is a completely different story. It’s really up and down, bad weeks followed by good weeks, plagued by takeaways and overeating. So the biggest revamp for me will be my attitude to food.

In my new flat, the kitchen is part of my room, something that stressed me out when I originally thought about it. Because the food is always there. Right in the room, I can eat what I want when I want and will probably get even bigger.

 But after thinking some more, it means I can cook what I want when I want and practice learning to cook. The fridge is small, perfect for a weeks worth of food at a time- so not only helping my diet but my budget too! The cupboards too have enough space for a week or twos food as well as my pots and pans, so I’m pretty pleased. 

I started my first week here off by doing a healthy shop to fill in the gaps around what I already had in the cupboards. I’m going to do my best to avoid buying things like crisps, chocolate or biscuits as I just wolf them down when i’m peckish then end up regretting it!

I made myself a Pinterest Board so that I can have a board filled with inspirations, recipes, quotes and workouts to keep me going! If you want you can follow it here.

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