Clash of the Titans

After having an amazing time interviewing Alex Danson, I headed up to Kingston Park to cover the Clash! 

Clash of the Titans is the first big match of the year, against Newcastle University, so it was a huge day!

The evening started with a fantastic match for the women’s team against Edinburgh- which we won! (Also that gorgeous sunset!)

My fellow members of the media team up in the media box when I was down on the pitch! I loved using this lens!

I had such an amazing evening. First we headed up to the media box with our Access All Areas pass. After taking a few photos up there, I headed down to the pitch side to see what I could get. I didn’t have my long lens as it hadn’t been delivered yet so I just went down to experience the atmosphere.

Down there I headed out with the other photographers right into the middle as we waited for the teams to run out. As they all had long lens, I left the photography to them and tried to get a few clips for my vlogs and for the uni media. It was so awesome watching them all run out and then panning up to the screaming crowds.

I then made my way round the pitch with my standard lens, snapping some of the closer members of the crowd. But I then sat down next to one of the freelance photographers and got chatting. He showed me how to adjust my camera to get better photos in the floodlights and then he did something amazing!

He let me borrow his Canon 70-200m lens (the one that I am coveting thanks to Ben Brown’s vlogs!). IT WAS SO HEAVY! But wow! the difference was amazing. I could see all the way up the other end of the pitch and set about practicing taking more photos of the teams and the crowd. Albeit, some of the photos aren’t that wonderful but the experience was!

Sadly we did lose in the last few seconds, 19-18 to Newcastle. But our team did really well and I can’t wait to cover another match. This past wednesday was insanely awesome! First an Olympic athlete then pitchside sports photography and an AAA pass…

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