September Update: My 1YRWL PLAN

Hey Everyone!

I am so glad that uni has started and I have enrolled on the third and final year of my course! 

I also paid for my year’s gym membership upfront so I can focus on studying and my weightloss goals without worrying about the bill coming out every month! (I always get worried I haven’t paid it!)

I ended this month with a total weight loss of around 12-13lbs, bringing me down to 223-222lbs!

I’m so happy with this as I am so close to having lost my first stone!

It has put me in a really confident mood when it comes to my weightloss. A whole stone nearly with barely much effort put in! Considering the first month I barely exercised and the second I didn’t really get to the gym until half way through the month.

September has been the month where in a way I start again in many areas of my life. Uni has begun again and with it, far more responsibility and social aspects than I ever had before. I’ve had to realign a lot of my life, so in a way a perfect time to start afresh!


I’ve done so much cycling in the past month and next months goal is to be in the gym more often!

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