TN Hockey meet Alex Danson!

Yesterday was one of the best days of my year so far. I got an email asking me to do something for my sports internship and I immediately said yes and stuck my cameras on charge. When I woke up that morning I had no idea I was going to meet an Olympic athlete…

The TN hockey team got a wonderful visit from Alex Danson, who had just arrived back from Rio 2016 after winning Gold! They were all so excited to meet her and all got to take selfies and ask questions with her as well as experience a training session with her.

She ran them through some drills and practices, giving them advice on moves as well how to work better as a team.

I was asked to go to document it for Northumbria Sports News and I was so excited. My second Olympian meeting in a month! What is my life?!

The girls all lined up at the end of the session to ask questions and take in turns holding her medal and get a selfie. Despite the wind it was a really great afternoon and I got a really good interview with her!

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I have to admit this was a pretty awesome start to Day one on my internship- and to my internship as a whole! Check out my vlog here!

After this I headed up to Kingston Park for the Clash! Keep an eye out for my next post! 🙂

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