How saying yes changed my life this month…

Saying yes can be a bloody terrifying thing to do sometimes. Other times it can get you doing stuff you never thought you would do.

September has been a month of ups, downs and so many fresh starts to so many things in my life. I was determined to make the most of this start to the new academic year and told myself ‘just say yes’. Say yes to more things and try to not always be so negative! 

So what ended up happening as a result of this?


I told myself for the past 2 or 3 years to join the Fresher’s media team. It would make sense to get to know the media people at the beginning of the year so I could work with them throughout the year but shyness always got the better of me! But this year I did join and to be honest, it was one of the best weeks of my life. Cameras, fun and like-minded people!

I did my first spot of presenting as well this year! Something else I’ve always been far too shy to do! Even on my Youtube channel i’m awkward because I know soomeone is going to be watching it at some point. The media lot were so lovely, friendly and made me feel like I could do it and it was so much fun!

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This month also kicked off my sports internship with a trip to the Newcastle Eagles game. Our job is to cover the sports going on around the university and i’ve been given the go-ahead to expand this. Rather than just writing about it, filming it and photographing it is allowed now too and I feel like I can really start to build my skills as a sports journalist and cover all bases! Clash of the Titans is happening this coming week and I’m so excited for that! 

Used my gopro at the basketball on monday! Can’t wait to see what other shots I can get with it.?? . . . #nebloggers #newcastle #newcastleeagles #gopro #basketball #intern #northumbria #northumbriauni

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This month I also took up my two committee positions, one of the equestrian society and of the journalism society. We held our equestrian team trials and I went down and took a few photos. However, I really can’t wait for my new lens so I can really do more photography. I’m really enjoying learning sports photography at the moment and I can’t wait to see what other photos and events I can cover now.

I also went to freshers ball- something I’d never done before! My first gig in a long time with Sigma and Blossoms and all the amazing people i’d met during freshers week. This was when it became so apparent to me that saying yes can be so much fun! I rarely drink but that night I decided to just do it, have a bit of fun and enjoy being a student! A really memorable evening!

This month I said yes to looking after myself better! August started my ‘one year weightloss plan’ and September was the month where I kicked it into gear fully by moving gym and starting my healthy food shops whilst sticking to my new budget plan. I feel so ORGANISED! 

I am also pleased to say that currently I am hovering between a 12 and 13 pound weightloss so far! I am so close to having lost my first stone and I can’t wait for that milestone. It’s been a great month in terms of fitness and getting to meet new people through it. I attended the sports fair and even signed up for the Cycling club. I really can’t wait to be fit enough to go out on one of their weekly cycles. 

Following on from a ‘healthier me’ perspective, I attacked my health issues with full force this month. My new medication and inhalers go with me everywhere and I refused to let it beat me and forced myself to walk home. (see previous post as to why this is a big deal).  It felt amazing being able to just do what everyone else does every single day without too much pain or worry! I’ve been drinking far more water and even when I have had that cheeky takeaway, I ate healthily and exercised properly the next day! I also took my mental health by the horns and have been exercising more, drinking more water and doing everything I can to be happier. University is such a hard time as it is so I decided to do as much as I can to de-stress at the beginning of the year so i can carry on these healthy habits for the rest of the year!

To be honest, I’m quite proud of everything I’ve done this month. I’ve started as I mean to go on at uni and can’t wait for October as so many awesome things are about to happen! Saying Yes works!

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