#Rubyourselfie Cocktail Making!

The Gate now has a new addition to its first floor, Rub Smokehouse & Bar. A quirky restaurant that also serves up amazing cocktails…

An evening of cocktail making, burgers, nachos and wraps and flowing drinks with the NEbloggers was definitely appealing so off I went into the pouring rain of Storm Angus, anxious to get into the dry.

Rub Smokehouse & Bar is located on the first floor of the Gate and can’t be missed. Bright colours, bubbly staff and it’s own quirky way that sets it apart from the other restaurants. (notice the too-da-loo signs that lead to wacky mirrors!)

Upon arrival we were greeted with drinks by our host and event organiser, Laura from Ellefluence, and a chance to have our photo taken by the lovely photographer for the evening, Laura Pearman. 

We sat down in groups and began the cocktail making. Two rounds with each of the groups having a go at making each one.

Everything from a whiskey sour to a cosmopolitan, a bramble and a ‘woowoo’.

During the break between rounds we were treated to some delicious burgers, wraps and nachos, whilst the drinks still flowed. It’s safe to say their food is as good as their drink.

I checked the menu prices on the way out and to be honest, another brilliant place in Newcastle that caters to a student budget and our love of drinking out of strange objects!

All in all, a very yummy night. A lot of laughter, chat and cocktails. Perfect!

Strawberry Blonde Mojito Mocktail

A really fun evening organised by the lovely Laura from Ellefluence. 

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