Hey There!

I have been MIA on the blog for most of the summer for lots of different reasons but I’m hoping to stick around from September onwards on a more organised schedule.

Why have I been gone?

Well… I’m moving!

I can’t believe it is finally time for me to start packing up my life as a student. I’m coming to the end of my tenancy in my student halls flat and I am so sad about it. I’ve loved living here on the whole and learned so much from living alone.

At the moment I’m sat surrounded by lots of boxes and cleaning products whilst I take a netflix break from packing.

I’m finding the process quite therapeutic as I’m sorting through everything I have and deciding whether it’s going to the new place. I have so much stuff I never use and clothes that don’t fit- so off they all go! It feels so good to be decluttering whilst I pack and I’m feeling ready for a new start.

But the most exciting part of the moving process is that I’m getting a flatmate again! The lovely Abbie from Chronically Inspired Life and I are moving in together.

We have a gorgeous wee flat and I can’t wait to decorate it and have a little bloggers hub!

So… I finally decided to vlog again! Since graduating I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I didn’t want to blog or vlog because of the stress of all this flat and job hunting but now things are getting worked out I am feeling so much more creatively inspired.

I feel like I can breathe a little more now that the moving process is flowing. So go give this a watch and be a darling and subscribe for more videos. I feel that I want to get more into Youtube once I move into the flat. I feel it’s got better lighting and space for filming.

I’ll be MIA for the next few days whilst I pack, move then unpack but I’m hoping to get the blogging up and running asap once I’m moved in completely. 

Thanks for Reading! 

S x