Hi Everyone!

Last week,  I attended the KISS VIP event in Newcastle and was completely blown away by an incredible evening. A night of drinks and beauty chat with the lovely NEBloggers…

Held at the lovely All About You spa in the Grey Street Hotel, it was definitely an evening to remember. The KISS event took place in the ‘All About You’ spa in the
Grey Street Hotel.

I was so excited to be invited as I had seen KISS all over
social media in the past few weeks and immediately replied with an ecstatic yes
when I saw they were hosting an event in my city. I had heard great things
about KISS events: about the level of luxury, fun and excitement that happened
during them and I was sure it was going to be a brilliant event to attend.

I was completely correct! I spent the whole evening chatting
away to the other North East Bloggers (go check out our #nebloggers over on
twitter for our content!)


During the event we were treated to a free nails and eyelash
application. We could pick any sets we wanted to try and had them applied
professionally. Originally I wasn’t going to get anything done and only have a
look as I was moving house the next day, but decided that would be the best
review challenge for them!

Could these nails stand up to the pressure of lifting heavy
boxes and intense cleaning of a flat?

There were so many different types of nails but I decided to
go with the KISS gel Fantasy Nails in ‘Ribbons’ – the perfect everyday nude

I sat down and chatted away whilst each nail was carefully
selected to fit over my own, before being pressed down for 30 seconds at a time
until each nail had been done. Less than 10 minutes later, my hands had been
transformed from scrappy nails of varying lengths to neat and polished!  

It’s amazing what small things like nice looking hands can
do for your confidence! I felt instantly more professional and smart and ready
to tackle the job interviews I had lined up for the week following.

When I got home, that was when the true test begun. We
packed box after box, and filled bin bag after bin bag before the big clean
began! Dusting, hoovering, wiping and picking things up, the nails were still
in tact! It took until 9 days after initial application for the first one to
come off, and to me that is one hell of a record! They survived moving house
and 2 job interviews, so I am beyond impressed! I’m beyond glad that I have a
HUGE goodie bag filled with them to pick out for different occasions!

But how easy are they to apply yourself?

Once I had moved in properly, I decided to try another set
of nails out.  I then had the joyfully
painful task of trying to decide which products to try out first! Our goodie
bag was filled to the brim with nails and lashes that would suit any look from
day to night, so I was really spoiled for choice! In the end I decided to go
for the slightly more glamorous “So Unexpected” set, grey nude nails with hints
of silver. The perfect day to night nails that would suit all occasions, and
because it was Freshers Week I had to have something that would look good going
out to town with.

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I sat down on the edge of my sofa and whilst watching the TV
it took even me less than 10 minutes to apply the full set. I’ve had so many
compliments on them and I will definitely be featuring more of them on my blog,
Instagram and Youtube so do keep an eye out for any styles you might like.

Thanks for Reading! 

S x

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*This post is not sponsored by KISS products but I was kindly invited along to their event and given a goodie bag which I chose to review, all opinions are my own*