Easter Sunday at Ouseburn Farm!

ouseburn farm easter lambs chicks

Easter Sunday this year was spent at Ouseburn farm playing with ducklings and lambs before heading off to visit the Lord Nelson which was docked in the Tyne. A busy but exciting day! Brace yourself for lots of cute photos!

Easter Sunday this year was a really fun one! I decided I was going to go all out this year and get a few eggs and easter treats for us!

easter eggs

Rob and I headed down to Ouseburn farm to get some good easter photos and to spend time with the animals. I have lived nearby for well over a year and in Newcastle for nearly 5 and I’ve never been! So with that in mind, we decided to spend the afternoon dodging the showers at the farm. I had nipped down earlier in the week to have a look and was so happy to find so much to see and do!

This farm is right in the middle of the city which is pretty cool and offers so much for the people of Newcastle.

On site is a cute little cafe, classrooms, a stable of animals, small animal room and a garden. When you walk down the hill into the garden theres the cutest garden shed that houses budgies! They were so cute and came right up to the bars. 

It was a great place to visit as Spring is starting, so many beautiful flowers in bloom everywhere! 

One of my favourite places in the farm is the willow den, it’s going to be such a cool hideaway when it completely grows over.

A working garden that is tended to by volunteers, it’s quite cool to walk around and see all the plants and food that are being grown on site.

How gorgeous is this little garden shed?!

I spent ages just wandering around enjoying the sunshine and taking photos. So many gorgeous plants make up this beautiful garden. But I was most excited to finally visit the farm itself and see all the animals.

A few days before Easter Sunday we were sat outside the farm eating lunch when two volunteers appeared walking ferrets! It was the cutest thing, one on a lead and one running rampant! I got to pick up the free running one and have a cuddle. It gave me kisses before running off down the street with the volunteer not far behind.

I had no idea the farm had ferrets! I’ve always been kind of fascinated by them so to see even more of them when we went down was quite exciting. They’re really cuddly and sweet and just love being picked up.

The weather turned pretty nasty and wet so we headed inside to the small animal rooms. Everything from fish to parrots, to tortoises and ducklings! Although my favourite bit was watching Rob handle Chip the Russian Dwarf Hamster, he was so cute!

The main attraction were the less than 2 week old ducklings, goslings and chicks who were all living together. We were allowed to stroke and handle the animals with the staff which was definitely my highlight of the day!

Meet Ryan (the) Gosling! haha

Once the weather had cleared up and had stopped raining the sun began to shine for a little while. We then noticed that the sheep and their lambs had been let out to the field so we went to take a look. This was so cute! They were just running around and playing and it was so cute to watch!

Easter Sunday this year was such a cute day out and I love that I live so close to the farm. If you want to visit, volunteer or donate to them, then check out their website here.

Bye for now!

S x