Plus Size Workout Wear : My favourite gym vests and sports leggings that aren’t see through!

plus size sportswear

Working out can be an incredibly daunting thing to do. Especially when you feel unhappy with your body. But for me, it’s all about making myself more comfortable and confident enough to get the workout done- so that I one day can be really happy in my own skin.

You sometimes just need the right thing to wear…

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polar a300 sports watch raybans

If you’ve seen my latest post on my ‘one year weightloss plan’, you’ll know that I’m trying to do a bit of a lifestyle overhaul. Logging calories, keeping an exercise diary, that sort of thing. I’m quite good with logging my calories and being honest with myself when I’ve been a pig, and I’m slowly getting better at organising a workout schedule.

But for me, the big thing has been admitting my size. It’s taken me months to be okay with the idea that I’m now a size 18. I was always embarrassed to be a size 16, so when the clothes didn’t fit, I ignored it. I forced myself into gym stuff that didn’t fit and then would get upset.

primark simply be sports leggings

So owning my size, as it is just a step on the journey, is a big thing for me. But the next biggest thing was finding suitable workout wear that would make me comfortable in my own skin. As a larger women, I’ve had my fair share of see-through leggings, incorrectly sized sports bras and clothing that just doesn’t seem to be designed for plus size women.

It’s why I’m so glad I finally took a look at Simply Be. I had heard a lot about it through my favourite bloggers like Sprinkle of Glitter, who has a collection with them, but I never even thought to order sportswear from them. Until now… 

Leggings that are actually opaque. 

black gym plus size leggings

I’m so glad I finally have some leggings to wear to the gym and not worry about the dreaded see-through leggings. These leggings are thick, completely black and comfortable. I’ve been on runs, to the gym and doing some small yoga workouts at home in them and both pairs hold up well.

plus size sports leggings black

plus size 18 leggings black opaque

This cotton 3/4 pair have enough stretch in them for me to comfortable move and workout without the need to get nervous of the dreaded builders bum! They’re a really great bargain for the price! I definitely need to get a couple more pairs in a smaller size for when I start to lose some weight.

lunges sports leggings lycra weight loss

lunges black lycra leggings sports

When you’re like me, (incredibly self-conscious) it’s important to have a pair of go-to leggings for your workout that give you confidence. They cling to your body shape, so you need something that won’t make you feel like everyone is staring at you. For me, these high-waisted, thick banded, lycra-esque ones are the winners!

The thick band stops me feeling nervous about revealing my lower back (something I hate!) and the material lets me move freely without feeling cumbersome. The thick band also helps cover my tummy, holding it all in place so that with my vest over it, I feel much slimmer.

Comfy Vests that fit a larger bust 

gym vest for large busts simply be

This is the top I’ve been wearing for most of my at-home workouts. I love the small bra-vest that goes underneath and then the other one on top. It feels really comfortable and pulls all the way down and doesn’t ride up! 

nice print gym vest plus size womens

I love the print of this vest. Proof that plus-size clothing doesn’t need to be drab or entirely black. I like the panelling of it, which sticks to your curves and because of my larger bust I feel a lot slimmer.

Jazzy Trainers

tropical print trainers simply be

I tend to workout mostly in black or dark clothing, just because I feel slimmer and happier. But I have always had a thing for bright trainers. I particularly love this pair! Perfect for summer! The bright print, the white laces and they’re incredibly comfortable! I’ve been wearing them throughout my internship in London, and they’ve been incredibly supportive for my feet for all the amounts of walking!

workout stretches plus size 18

squats black leggings vests sports

Naturally I thought I would show you the clothes in action. (It’s quite weird having your family member take photos of you whilst you’re doing a quick home workout, but hey, blogging is full of many firsts for me! ha!)

Go get yourself some of these awesome sports leggings, head to Simply Be now!

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