A New Year!

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful start to 2016!

I’m currently moving myself into my new flat so today is a busy day of boxes, suitcases and constant trips between the two places. But I am so excited for this new place!

The parents and the boyfriend have all come up for New Year (and to help me move) so i’m spending more time with people throughout the holidays than I normally do which is really nice.

We’ve been staying out in a seafront hotel in Whitley Bay whilst we pack up my stuff to move to the flat. I’ve been starting everyday with one of the most wonderful full english breakfasts I’ve ever had. 

I’ve donated at least ten bags of stuff to charity and my bed is piled high with boxes and suitcases. It’s quite an odd thing to see your life packed away in boxes. This room I spend all my time in, suddenly all gone into boxes. 

But it is worth it, I love fresh starts. I’m used to packing up my stuff every year and moving to somewhere new, so much so that I’m not entirely sure how I will deal with this “settling down” and “buying a house” stuff later in life. 

BUT… that is not happening right now! Right now, all good things are happening! A new flat, student loan next week (I can almost smell you loan!) and new modules on my course that I’ve been waiting to see what they’re about! I even lost weight over christmas! SCORE!

So it’s that time of year… the new years resolutions time of year. I generally don’t stick to mine but for some odd reason I have optimism this year. 

So what are my resolutions for 2016?

1. SAY YES. 

I need to say yes to doing more stuff and generally be a bit more willing to try new things. I’m still at war with food and refuse to try anything new, so i’m hoping I can be a bit braver with that this year. But also with opportunities and tell myself to go to things that will benefit me somehow.


I can be a bit of a pushover and my anxiety can make me just go along with things when I don’t really want to. Or, I’ll sit and watch TV when I know I need to be working. Stuff like that. I need to learn how to be absolute with myself about decisions.


I had a part time job over christmas, my first ever, and it really helped open my eyes to money and saving. I got my friend who studies accounting to help me with a spreadsheet for my budget for 2016. 


Finally a resolution I think all us bloggers want to stick to! I’m hoping with more opportunities to say yes to things, new kit and some new ideas I’ve had I can kickstart the rest of my first year of blogging here and proceed into my second year with a few more ambitious plans! 


I’ve clocked that saying “oh i want to lose weight!” does absolutely nothing for me. I can’t stick to that. 

I become obsessed by the scales and throw a paddy when my weight naturally fluctuates and I feel like I’ve failed for gaining the 2 pounds I thought I had lost. 

So, I’m focusing my attention to the look in the mirror. Eating better in my new flat will be a lot easier as my kitchen area is smaller so less space for rubbish!

 I’m also just down the street from the gym and on main roads that are good for cycling- so I don’t really have an excuse not to put the effort in. 

I read BMI charts and know roughly what a good weight for my height is but not sure about my build or how my asthma will affect my progress. 

So i’m looking for the changes I can see and keep going for all the little things- like the feeling after a good cycle ( I love the shaky leg feeling and the high calorie burn on my HR watch) and the wide awake feeling I get after it. 

So I’m aiming for all the smaller fitness goals in the hope that it will distract me from the scales, so that when I do use them, I can be like yes well that’s just a number, I’ve had these positive experiences through exercise- those are far more important! 

And it adds another dimension to my blog which is good! 

If you want you can have a nosey at: My Fitness Tumblr as I go along. I’ll post the odd picture and inspirational stuff to keep me motivated. I have all the necessary apps which I’ll show you all later! 


This is kind of a combination of the rest of of my resolutions. 

I need to take better care of my health, my future career and my appearance. I tend to put myself at the back of my “mental queue” and I’m sick of looking at myself everyday and thinking how messy I look which leads to overthinking about getting employed. 

I also need to look after my emotional self. Be less harsh, less doubtful of my abilities and play to my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses.

As for my health I tend to ignore the fact I have asthma and other things and need to look after myself. So I plan to fix that this year, and try my best to create a “new Me”. One that is strong, employable, confident and happy. 

So let’s see what 2016 has in store!

What are your New Years Resolutions? 

S x