November Favourites!

Hello Everyone!

November was an exciting month due to planning my move, my 22nd birthday and a lot of different pieces of coursework that needed to be handed in!

I became obsessed with Spotify firstly this month- listening to the same 60 song playlist over and over. We’ve been using chromecast and speakers attached to the TV to blast music whilst we work, tidy and chill so i’m convinced I need to ask for Chromecast for Christmas!

I got myself a Christmas job too! It’s only just started but I really am proud of myself because I can now save up and put away for next year. I really want to go out more and hopefully go away at some point.

For my birthday we went out for dinner to my family favourite Pizza Express. Not the most expensive, elaborate meal, but it is family tradition from when I was younger, so I subconsciously decided to go there. I got some of the sweetest presents from my friends and family, I love it when people listen and get you exactly what you’ve been wanting!

So my favourite things this month?

Inside Out was my DVD purchase this month after wanting to see it for ages! Oh my goodness it is so cute, so clever and perfect for a night of cuddling on the sofa. 

I bought a lip balm set from Tesco simply because I had lost previous ones. I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the coconut lip balm, which now lives in my wallet!

My little bambi slip-on socks! Another Primark purchase. I have the socks, the pants, the big slippers and now these too. They grip the floors so I can run around, perfect for a day at home.

My coconut hand gel was a birthday present. I hate getting ill during winter and adore the smell of coconuts, so naturally the boyfriend knew what I needed as part of my ‘university care package’ birthday present! My hands feel so clean after I use this, and it doesn’t have a chemical smell. 

Butterbear! I get these every year now for my birthday, one of my favourite Christmas items from Lush. It really helps soothe my skin during winter and they are one of the cheapest products from Lush so you can stock up on them!

Another favourite, if not my utmost favourite present from the boy for my birthday! I have waited years for an illustrated copy of Harry Potter and this book is so beautiful. I kept stroking the pages when I first got it! 

S x