Lancome Juicy Shakers Launch!

Spring has finally sprung and the beauty world is beginning to share with us their new products for this season.

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Lancome have released their new Juicy Shakers and I was lucky enough to be invited down to the launch at Fenwicks in Newcastle.

These little cocktail shaker themed lipglosses have already sold out in Asia, so to get a chance to try them out early on here in the UK was a real treat!

Upon arrival we met the team who gave us really brightly coloured drinks and talked us through Lisa Eldridge’s new creation. As Lancome’s Makeup Creative Director she created a fusion of their best-selling Juicy Tubes and the 1945 design ‘The Shaker’- creating a modern, petite lipgloss that is perfect for on the go!

I think a lot of people have Lancome in mind when it comes to older women or just expensive skin products but this new lipgloss shows that they are capable of catering to a youthful market and quite successfully!

The design is cute and modern, perfect for the young millennial generation and the bright colours and easy application are perfect for the ‘on-the-go’ business woman as well as the most studious of students!

We all took it in turns to look over the 13 shades as well as the limited edition ‘400 Mint to Be’. The shades range from light nudes to bolder reds like ‘Cherry Symphony’- meaning that there is at least one lipgloss in the collection you’ll love! 

Every shade has a different taste which makes it far more fun if you fancy a change from boring lip balm!

Each shade tastes of a different flavour with the ‘Vanilla Pop’ being my favourite!

It’s a delicate rose pink that tastes of vanilla, making it a mix of all my favourite things when it comes to a product. 

The lip glosses are designed so that the more you shake them, the darker the pigment of the colour will be on your lips. You can shake once and have a nice light pink or shake it a few more times and get a deeper pink shade. 

This makes them perfect for in your handbag for when you need to go from a daytime to a night time look!

They are super hydrating- something that I loved immediately as I hate my dry skin and dry lips! 

When I applied it, it was hydrating and glossy but without that sticky feeling and it lasted until lunchtime. 

I really liked the cushion applicator as it feels light against your lips and you can dab the colour on as lightly as you would like. 

After trying them out, we explored the rest of the counter whilst chatting and trying out samples. This was one of my first blogger events so it was really nice to meet people like Helen and Amy and get to know other bloggers in the community who have similar interests! 

( Can I just mention how much I really want a bottle of ‘La Vie Est Belle’- it smelled so nice!)

During the event, we were all given a piece of card a kiss, for the competition to see who had the best pout! We had to include a piece of advice for our younger selves – some of the makeup mistakes we all made were quite funny!

 I told my younger self that I should have more confidence as you had a lot to offer but always let shyness and what other people think get in the way! I look back at 15 or 16 year old me and just wish I had started blogging then or feeling confident enough to wear makeup and to enjoy playing around with it. That was the time when I had the best skin as well! 

Not only did we get to meet the lovely women of the Lancome team who work in the Newcastle Fenwick store, but we also got to meet a Lancome elite BAFTA makeup artist.

If anyone knows me, they’ll know I’m obsessed with movies, films and anything to do with them. So for me, every year the BAFTA’s are a HUGE DEAL!

So I was really pleased to find out that we were going to get to meet Fortunato Benavoli, the man responsible for Estee Lalonde’s gorgeous makeup this year at the BAFTA’s.

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If you want to see more of his work, you can follow him here.

As a complete makeup novice I was nervous to speak to someone who knows so much about makeup, I was worried about my crooked eyeliner and the fact that I still don’t quite get how brows should look-  but once we got chatting we barely stopped!

I was invited to his makeup masterclass that afternoon where I got the opportunity to film his work as well as arrange an interview for the future ( Beauty Journalist dream complete right there!)

Once the event had finished, Deb from CountryHeartandHome and I nipped up to the M&S cafe for a spot of lunch before heading back for the makeup masterclass!

That afternoon, I filmed Fortunato’s Masterclass as well as putting together a shorter video of just the Spring makeup look using the Juicy shakers , take a look!

As for the Juicy Shakers, I was very impressed with this little product.

They retail at £18 a pop, which for a high-end luxury makeup brand really is not a bad price, making it a justifiable purchase even for us students!

The ladies at Fenwicks kindly gifted us all a small box of testers to try out products as well as booking us an appointment for one of their complimentary services.

I really can’t wait to get my hands on Vanilla Pop when it’s back in store.

These lipglosses are fast-selling and in high demand so get yours whilst you can!

What shade and colour is your favourite? Have you ever bought something from Lancome?

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