Fitness Friday: BorrowMyDoggy & Bear

chow chow puppy borrowmydoggy

 Last summer I signed up to Borrowmydoggy so I could enjoy the summer a bit more by getting out and walking. Since then I’ve walked quite a few dogs and my recent little friend is Bear!

Bear is about 20 weeks old now, a chow chow puppy and oh my goodness he is cute! (Don’t you think?)

bear chowchow puppy borrowmydoggy

I decided I wanted to puppysit Bear and did some reading up on the breed as I’d never been around a ChowChow before.

I’ve been sitting him for a few weeks now and decided I had to share him properly here on the blog!

borrowmydoggy bear chowchow chow

 When it comes to my fitness I have realised that little  & often is just as necessary as going hard in the gym or out on the bike. So, I’ve been trying to incorporate more ‘light’ exercises into my routine such as more walking.

So I decided last year to sign up for Borrowmydoggy to get me out walking more and practicing for one day owning a dog. With exams and coursework imminent, I had been using the service more in the past month than before.

 I took up puppysitting Bear because I wanted to see what it was like spending time with such a young dog and see if it would deter me at all from wanting my own dog someday. It’s given me a small amount of experience when dealing with puppies and how they react to everything and I would recommend borrowmydoggy as a great place to start if you’re looking to practice your sitting skills so you can find out what you’re getting yourself into!

As cute as he is, this one is a little nibbler! As he’s gotten older, he’s stopped nibbling as much, but if you’re not so good with being nibbled, sitting a puppy will give you a real good chance to practice your patience and sternest voice and training skills!

But I love taking him out for a walk, as much as he pulls, I love watching how excited he gets by EVERYTHING!

chow chow puppy UK

chowchow puppy UK Newcastle B+W

sleeping puppy chowchow borrowmydoggy

For those who don’t know, BorrowMyDoggy is a service that both owners and walkers can sign up for! You can walk and sit dogs in your local area, so head over there!

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