Cycling:Avanti Giro 2

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I am beyond excited to tell you that my Avanti Giro 2 arrived yesterday!

It was quite out of the blue as I hadn’t even been notified that it had shipped but I got a text in the afternoon saying it arrived. So I rushed home and collected the HUGE box from reception and we set to putting it together.

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I ordered seperate pedals for my clip-in cycling shoes, so we attached them and the handlebars and we were done!

The rest of my cycling kit arrived today, my shoes and an outfit as well as gloves and a water bottle so i’m pretty much kitted out for now. The jersey is a women’s size 18 and at the moment it is a bit too tight I feel for cycling wear. Standing around in it is fine, but I think moving in it may cause it to ride up slightly as it is very tight. So, for now, It’s going in the cupboard until I’ve brought my weight down by a stone or so just so I can wear it comfortably. I can’t wait to post another progress picture where a difference can be seen in the same jersey.

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All I need to do now is attach the water bottle and fix my shoes and I’m ready to go!

I am so nervous as sorting out the saddle height was quite nerve-wracking, leaning up against the wall and trying to balance on the bike was hard as it’s something i’m not used to. I had a slip and fell and hurt myself on it, but hey, we all have to start somewhere and learn how to do things from the start!

Andrew has about 3 years cycling experience on a roadbike ahead of me, so I have a lot to learn and catch up on but he was great at putting it together and offering advice.

This weekend we’re off to Leeds to see his family and the Tour de Yorkshire so i’m really excited for that!

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