5 Things I wish I was doing rather than Revising…

That dreadful time of year is back.

Exam time.

Fortunately for me I only have two exams this year but I do also have 4 pieces of coursework to hand in, some of them totally 100% of their modules mark- so they are weighing pretty heavily on me right now! 

Being so busy revising and focusing on work hasn’t left me with much of a holiday this easter, so I made a list of a few things I’d rather be doing than revising!

1. Go to the Discover Film Festival

discover film kevin spacey

I was actually kindly invited down to this wonderful film festival but due to uni starting on Monday, I couldn’t go. 

The festival features a series of short films, some of which feature big names like Kevin Spacey, Brian Blessed and Tom Hurt pitting against each other to win awards.

discover film festival cinema

But as a media and journalism student there is nothing more I love than watching films, discussing them and getting inspired to make my own. It’s taking place down at the Phoenix Cinema in London and for more information... click here. 

Take a look at ‘The Ventriloquist’ that won Best Short Film in 2012!

2.  Visiting Edinburgh Zoo again!

edinburgh zoo pandas

edinburgh zoo penguin parade

edinburgh zoo baboon faces

edinburgh zoo tiger

We keep making plans to visit both of these places but never make it through. I went to Edinburgh last year and loved it, so I can’t wait to go back. Especially to the zoo! I loved taking my go-pro out for the first time and getting to see the pandas i’d heard so much about. The city is also absolutely gorgeous! 

3. Going on my first trip to Dublin!


Dublin has always fascinated me and I keep seeing plenty of cheap deals to go! I keep looking at the photos on LonelyPlanet and I really hope I get to go sometime this year!

There is talk of going for our anniversary- so let’s hope the pennies line up and get us out the Guiness factory!(Not the only reason we’re going- I swear!)

4. Binge-watching Netflix (without the guilt)

netflix and chill

One reason I can’t wait for summer? So that on my nights in I can just chill and watch netflix without the uneasy anxiety and guilt that I should be working!

I have been obsessed with Reign, House of Cards and the Tudors! 

5. Having the mother of all pamper sessions!

lush unicorn horn
My lush Unicorn Horn!

I am talking getting a haircut (which i desperately need), trying out a manicure for the first time ever, a pedicure too! as well as a lush bath with some relaxing music, a drink and a face mask!

The night my exams are over I am hogging the bath at my boyfriend’s place and i’m just going to melt into bliss! 

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This post was kindly sponsored by the  Discover Film Festival, all opinions are my own.

Check them out on facebook here.