When it comes to my weightloss story it has been full of ups and downs. I realised I needed something to help me consistently keep track of everything I was doing. Last year I upgraded to my Polar A300. 

polar a300

In 2014, I bought the Polar FT4 heart rate monitor in Pink and I reviewed it on here. 

polar ft4 review

Having it changed my approach to fitness. Despite ups and downs, I definitely got out of the house more often and went to the gym more than I ever did before.

But it wasn’t quite enough of what I wanted. I needed a heart rate monitor that wasn’t all about the gym, that I could wear all day and I would know how every decision on different days of my life was affecting me.

So I opted for an upgrade… The Polar A300.

In the box was a connector male to female USB cable, the Polar A300 and a Heart Rate Band.

polar flow, polar app polar a300

This is a screen shot of the app on my phone. The app is available on both the App Store and on the Play store making it easily accessible.

To connect your watch and the app, simply turn the bluetooth on on your phone then press the bottom left button in and wait for ‘connecting to app’ to appear on the watch and the watch will sync it’s


Even if you don’t sync for a few days, the watch will load all the previous data that hasn’t been logged- so don’t leave it too long or you’ll be sat there for awhile waiting to see how well you’re doing!

The Polar A300 is useful as you can monitor your fitness all day and all night!

It even tracks your sleep, by checking how restless you are during the night you can see how well you slept. A key part of losing weight and getting fitter is having proper sleep. I find this such a helpful feature of the watch as I often end up with an awful sleep cycle.

My favourite part is the fact that on you can set your own fitness profiles and tailor your watch to you! I started off with the basics of running, walking, swimming, cycling, indoor/outdoor exercise, group training and strength training. 

Then once I had a nosey online I changed mine to walking, cycling, swimming, riding and strength training. Whatever sport you do you can tailor your watch to have those profiles, then when you’re about to work out, you just select the profile and use the band. After training and you sync your results, they’ll appear on your calendar as the little symbol of that sport with all the data. 

race for life 5K

home gym workout kettlebell yoga

Overall, I love my Polar A300. It just works for me, sure there are newer versions now of HR monitor watches but no I love mine! 

I have had a few sync up issues in the past year but in general I just wet the band, press the bluetooth connector button and it starts syncing. 

I post this this week as I’ve nearly owned my polar a300 for a year and it has just become my go-to watch. I wear it pretty much everyday!

On Monday my student loan is in and I can finally focus on my fitness goals properly again!

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S x