Stan Calvert Equestrian Competition

On Thursday, I got the opportunity to go and photograph the Stan Calvert Equestrian Competition.

This is the varsity competition between Northumbria and Newcastle University, where both universities compete in many sports against each other for an overall winner.

Northumbria have been the overall winner for a few years in a row now!

For me this was an exciting opportunity to try out my new camera and give me a starting block for my sporting event photography as well as getting involved more with my university societies! 

I turned up with my camera, wishing that I had a long lens too but tried to make the best of the restricted seating and viewpoints. However, it does give me a good starting point to compare future photos too once I upgrade my kit!

It was really exciting for me as I’ve never covered an event before and I got to meet two professional photographers who gave me some good tips and contacts for the future. 

It’s been years since I’ve spent any real time around horses. I completely forgot the sheer size and strength of them (oh and the smell!) but I loved it. 

Two of my favourite hobbies and for once I felt confident being there! I’ve signed up to volunteer at this stable as it’s really close to where I live so I can’t wait to get more involved.

Sadly, Northumbria lost the equestrian competition but we won Stan Calvert overall!

stan calvert equestrian

bucs competiton

northumbria equestrian society

Lets not forget this candid action shot I got of a cheeky horse fart as it left the arena haha! 

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